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Non-structural concrete

  1. According to Appendix under the “Management Guideline for the Reuse of Industrial Waste”, The non-structural pre-mixed concrete products shall only be used for non-structural purposes and purposes other than the main structure of buildings in the manufacturing industry and warehouse industry. For example: PC plain concrete, site flooring, backfill around factory structure, factory foundation load backfill, warehouse flooring, parking lot flooring, factory flooring, roads in factory, falsework flooring construction.
  2. For the coarse aggregate of the non-structural concrete, the Rotary kiln slag (R-1207) is used; for the fine aggregate, the Rotary kiln slag (R-1207) and the stabilized EAF reducing slag (R-1210) are used, its fabrication meets the relevant regulations under the Management Guideline for the Reuse of Industrial Waste, and the aggregate quality also meets the regulations in CNS 1240 Concrete aggregates.

Type Design strength
(28-day compressive strength)
Workability Attached report
Non-structural concrete 20-90 kgf/cm2 Adjusted per client request Come with TAF-certified the water soluble chloride ion content of fresh concrete, 28-day compressive strength test report, and other test reports required by the client.
105 kgf/cm2
140 kgf/cm2
175 kgf/cm2
210 kgf/cm2
245 kgf/cm2

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